Two October Yoga Retreats at Hotel Washington

We are looking forward to hosting two yoga retreats this fall. During these workshops, our regular Saturday class will not be held. Island residents are invited to drop in. Contact Sarah to learn more and sign up!

Center & Nourish, Oct 18-20, Marina Koyen

October 18-20, 2019 Marina Koyen, of Madison Wisconsin, will be visiting us to lead a centering and nourishing retreat to prepare our minds and bodies for the new season.

As the warmth of the sun shifts away from the Northern Hemisphere, we turn our attention inward for the slower, darker and colder months to come. The bountiful season of autumn, a period of transition, is a time for self-nourishment and reflection.

This is a potent, transitional time to immerse yourself into a yoga retreat to reset and nourish body and mind, to prime yourself for winter wellness and enjoy the colder months from a place of stability and gratitude! Sign up for the retreat with Marina.

Rebel Wellness Fall Retreat, Oct 25-27, with Katie Hill

Katie Hill invites you to a fall retreat 10 reasons. She writes:

1. You’ll remember who the hell you are.
2. Yoga will soothe your soul on a cellular level.
3. You will remember what pleasure feels like.
4. You will meet people who will touch your heart and change your life.
5. You are worthy of taking time away to rest, process and digest your life.
6. You will sleep well, eat well, move well, and breathe well for an entire weekend.
7. You will reconnect with what life is like OFFLINE.
8. You will return from retreat with renewed energy, focus and insight.
9. The right combination of people always show up, creating an alchemy that is untouchable and important.
10. Fresh. Air.

Sign up for the retreat with Katie.