I was amazed and excited to see what Peri Ann found on the red leaf lettuce this morning as she and Grace harvested greens and vegetables from the garden. This beautiful chrysalis holds the promise of transformation – from caterpillar to monarch butterfly.

A remarkable transformation occurred this summer as well when Russell and Alessandra Rolffs arrived at the Homestead. Through spirit, hard work, skill, and determination this couple turned a field into a bountiful garden of fresh, healthy produce: purple basil and cabbage, watermelon radishes, baby carrots, micro greens, lettuces, edible flowers, and on and on…

I’m grateful beyond words – THANK YOU!

Tomorrow we celebrate the autumn equinox when the sun shines directly on the Earth’s equator and daylight and darkness will be equal. As light decreases over the next months, I remind myself to appreciate what the garden needs in order to return fertile and ready next spring. And so too, the Island and all of us who have had a busy and full summer – rest, reflect, and restore, while harvesting the fullness of what we have grown and can share with others.

– Jeannie Kokes